997 Porsche Conversion

This lovely Porsche 997 came in and opted for the 911 997 classic look which saw multiple alterations to the body and roof. To top it off, the car was fully resprayed in a gorgeous white which absolutely glistens in the sunlight.

GT3 RS Porsche Conversion

The customer opted for a GT3 RS conversion and we provided just that. We absolutely loved this build and the final product was delivered painted in a stunning blue which catches attention wherever it goes.

Caterham 7 Build

We built this stunning Caterham 7 and painted it to order. With all of our kit car builds, we provide full customisation to the customer. This customer opted for the lovely contrasting orange and black colour scheme and it is a real head turner when out and about.

Mark 1 Fiesta Restoration

This lovely Mark 1 Ford Fiesta came in for a full body restoration. Unfortunately, these wonderful cars are very susceptible to rust so we completely stripped the car, sandblasted the shell and then replaced any damaged areas and then treated to prevent future corrosion. Following this, we gave it a full respray on both the body and engine bay and the car left us looking absolutely stunning.

E Class Mercedes Accident Repair

This Mercedes-Benz E-Class suffered a large front-end collision which led to us sourcing and fitting a full front end replacement and then giving the car the appropriate respray to ensure it left us looking like new.

Mark 4 Golf Conversion

This Mark 4 Volkswagen Golf came in for a conversion and respray. We fitted the vehicle with new side skirts as well as the R32 front and rear bumpers. We then prepped the car, fixed any discrepancies and gave it a full respray in the gorgeous ‘Vauxhall Arden Blue’.